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Be Yourself and Overcome Co-dependance

By • Oct 14th, 2008 • Category: XL Extra

Making polite conversation, I asked the man, in his mid-60s, about this recent travels. “Where did you go? Which country did you like the best?” He looked at me, laughing nervously, and said:…

Compatibility is Possible for All Types

By • Jul 27th, 2008 • Category: XL Extra

Some couples are as different as chalk and cheese. She is rigid and dogmatic. He is flexible and fun-loving. Or he is a domineering tough guy and she is placid and easy-going. In contrast, other couples are so similar they could be matching bookends. They look alike, talk alike, act alike.

The Different Kinds of Relationships that Enrich our Lives

By • May 23rd, 2008 • Category: XL Extra

Let’s explore the different kinds of relationships that weave together to form the colourful tapestry of our lives. Divine Connection I never used to understand what people meant by ‘having a relationship with God.’ How do you have a relationship with someone invisible, I wondered? And yet this relationship was missing from my life. In […]

Shall we Ask? Or Shall we Demand?

By • May 21st, 2008 • Category: XL Extra

“What was my biggest takeaway from the inaugural XL Pioneer Club?” asks Dave Rogers,co-founder of XL Results Foundation, after he returned from the trip to India. Dave lets us in on his experiences on the sub-continent and what he got from them. For me, what I got out of the trip to India with the […]

Lifestyle Journey with a Difference

By • Mar 3rd, 2008 • Category: XL Extra, XL Members

In some ways, leading spiritually-based travel tours seems a world away from owning and operating a successful business, but for Sharon Breslin it’s been a natural transition. The New Zealand XL Life member sold her award-winning travel agency three years ago to set up Lifestyle Journeys, a tour company that offers travellers the chance to […]

Painting trees for Peace

By • Dec 11th, 2007 • Category: XL Extra

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox hopes her depictions of the ‘Tree of Life’ will contribute to conversations about world peace. Brisbane artist Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox is a full-time artist whose tree portrayals resonate with people around the world as a visceral trans-cultural, trans-religious symbol of life — and trees are inextricably woven into her colourful paintings. The tree appears […]