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XL Rock ‘n’ Flow

By • Feb 22nd, 2009 • Category: Latest

A thank you to our XL Leaders: Last week was a big week for us in Bali. We had our EBS Masters, our WDMP Leader Boardroom Club, and nightly discussions on the future of XL and social enterprise. This is in light of the massive changes taking place in the world right now. Richard Branson was at Davos promoting effective giving and said in a BBC interview, “My advice is get up and go. When we look back at this year we will find that fortunes have been made by those who have gotten up and gone this year.” In the latest Fortune magazine, Jim Collins said the question companies must ask is “What can we do not just to survive but to turn this into a defining point in history?”

Old models are crumbling and creating openings for a new world to arise. This is our time: Our opportunity to make a radical shift in our collective actions to capitalise on the radical shift occuring around us. A big thank you to our leaders who stepped forward and into this space last week: Our EBS Mentors, Dave Rogers and Mike Handcock; Michelle Clarke, Head of XL Results Foundation; Darshana Shah, Head of XL Events; Daniel Priestley, Head of Wealth Dynamics, who has stepped up to lead our online growth of Wealth Dynamics and all online testing including Talent Dynamics with Marcus Ubl and Bobby Norris; Andy Greenhill, who was voted in by the WDMP leaders as the Head of the Wealth Dynamics Institute, to lead the establishment of WDI as a college of learning for Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics and our XL Coaching; and Teresa Stott, who has stepped up from Head of XL Planet to also Head of XL Group and support me and our leaders through this time of challenge and opportunity. Teresa will be moving to Bali in her new role.

In a time of uncertainty, what was clear for me last week was the unshakeable certainty I saw in our XL leaders and members that the need for bold action was now. While the work lies ahead of us in discussing and agreeing on the new structure that suits the new world we are moving into (and XL World will be a central forum for these discussions), I want to acknowledge the spirit we shared and how grateful I am for your leadership and the support each of you are giving to our mission and our community.

Thank you,

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