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XL Nation launches: A nation without borders

By • Apr 7th, 2009 • Category: Latest
How many times do we get to experience the birth of a new nation? In the week that the G20 meet in the old paradigm of nation state politics, a new nation was born – by the people for the people. This week XL Nation made history as the first nation without borders, launched on XL National Day with entrepreneurs from over 30 countries signing the XL Declaration of Interdependence.

The Caterpillar

Over the last seven years, XL Results Foundation has grown into a global network of over 3,000 Life Members serving many hundreds of thousands of social entrepreneurs and change makers around the world. In our old paradigm, we operated as a social enterprise with a central office, central value delivery and hierarchy leadership of Country and City Leaders. Each year since 2002 we have doubled in size while operation with the typical organisation chart and top-down leadership. We had an ordinary membership structure serving an extraordinary mission: World Wide Wealth.

The Chrysalis

In the last six months all over the world we have witnessed the collapsing of the old top-down paradigm in our industrial economies. Control-and-conquer is being replaced by Connect-and-contribute. Channels are being replaced by communities – Rivers are being replaced by rain. Will nation states retain their empires? Can the old currencies, taxes and tariffs – the banks of the rivers – retain their power to contain our flow when we are the raindrops?

As the caterpillar of our old economy has switched from its binge fest into the imaginal cell soup of today, our XL Life Members have come together globally as stakeholders in a new nation: One in which we collectively craft the change we seek. XL Nation gives form to the butterfly – It is the DNA of our movement.

The Butterfly

XL Nation launched as a social-profit community simultaneously in every country around the world on 31st March 2009. It is the first global nation, with no land, no army, nothing to fight over, everything to live for. We have linked the circles of trust that are at the core of every community with the power of technology to share our resources, learning, connections and experiences. Like cells that each receive, process and transmit energy while preserving and replicating through their own integrity, each XL Circle is a regular meeting place with a rhythm of flow. Each carries the DNA of the whole – our mission of World Wide Wealth.

As XL Citizens we have our own code of trust, our own language of wealth, our own currency of trade, our own constitution of change. We connect through the trinity of truth, trust and trade. We collectively vote for the changes in structure and systems that connect us: A scalable system from thousands to millions, not relying on a centralised leadership but on one global voice.

In a world where everything has decentralised – from our markets to our communication to our entertainment to our means of production – the only centralised function left is government itself. It’s time to decentralise. This is not the time for globalization, but the time for globularization!

What excites me most is that technology, consciousness and an understanding of the times we are in have converged through this global group of stakeholders to create an effective structure at the time we need it most. In more than once sense, XL Nation is the transformation nation. It was a day of goosebumps and I’m so happy Renate, Kathleen, Theresa and Luke were all there to share a historic day.

Here’s two videos to share:

XL Nation: Welcome to our World
XL Nation: Who we are and what we do


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