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Death, Taxes & Volcanoes

By • May 13th, 2009 • Category: Latest

I heard that another life was lost on Mount Agung last week. ‘Agung’ means ‘big’. Would be better if it meant ‘really big and slippery when wet’. I was up the top of Bali’s Volcano with Darshana, Glenn and Lorin after XL National Day in April. It was the starting point for what has been the most extraordinary month of my millennium.I’ve seen XL Nation circles grow to over $750,000 in direct contributions in a month (more than any one year of tracking donations under XL Results Foundation, which birthed this new nation), I’ve got all excited about the groundswell I’ve seen within the World Wide Wealthmovement at the London Wealth Dynamics Experience and tour of Australia, I’ve had fun in conversation on Wealth Dynamics with the HUB team in USA, and I’ve been swept up in the momentum that XL EventsXL Vision VillasWealth Dynamics and XLTV have stepped into.

The Balinese believe Mt Agung is a replica of Mt Meru, a mythic mountain at the centre of our universe. In 1963, Indonesian President Sukarno ordered the Balinese to conduct their once-in-a-hundred year ceremony called Eka Dasa Rudra early to suit his calendar. Eka Dasa Rudra is an important 11 week ceremony to quell the power of the 11 main demons within Balinese culture. During the ceremony, Mt Agung erupted, killing over a thousand and displacing sixty-three thousand others. As you would expect, the Balinese blamed their country leader with the political equivalent of ‘told you so’. That moment marked the beginning of the end for Sukarno.

“In nature, nothing is rushed, yet all is accomplished”.

Over the last month, in between the trips to UK, Australia and Singapore, I’ve been sitting in Agung’s shadow with Teresa, Jade and Hanafi, creating the content behind the Wealth Spectrum and the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse. Our intention is to create the vocabulary for the world we are stepping into (Seth GodinDeepak Chopra and Bruce Lipton express it best from entirely different points of view).

The lighthouse has always been a symbol of both safety and adventure – depending on whether you were sailing towards or away from home. The uncertainties of our global economy have given way to a blasé come-what-may, which is when we are at our most careless. The Balinese will say it is the Eka Dasa Rudra sea demons. Cleopatra would say it is the calm seas before Octavion’s fleet passed the Lighthouse of Alexandria. However you look at it, it’s time to get equipped for a sea change

Change as big and slippery as Agung.


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