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XL Founding Member Guide Live

By • Jun 21st, 2009 • Category: Latest

The revamped XL Founding Member site, is now live! Have a look at the XL Founding Member privileges, countries and award nominees. An amazing group of entrepreneurs. Also have a read of the 2009 XL 2020 Vision.

This gives us the three sites that make up XL Nation:

The public face of XL Nation for XL Citizens:

The public face of XL Nation for XL Founding Members:

The private community for XL Citizens and XL Founding Members:

On the new XL Founding Member site you’ll find all the latest information on XL Membership and how XL Founding Membership differs from XL Citizenship. We’ve revamped the Life Member Handbook into an online resource with some great links. Step One is now live and the rest is on its way. Here’s some great links to explore:

XL Founding Member Guide Index
Meet our XL Founding Members
XL Founding Member Privileges

Enjoy the links and do look forward to your feedback…


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