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By • Sep 20th, 2011 • Category: News and Events

The first half of September will see the Launch of Talent Dynamics in two major markets of Wealth Dynamics, Japan and South Africa. Michelle Clarke, head of Talent Dynamics will be joining Roger Hamilton at the Fast Forward your Business Event in Tokyo on 3rd September, Johannesburg on 12th September and Cape Town on 15th September to launch Talent Dynamics.

Talent Dynamics was created by Roger James Hamilton as an extension of his world-leading Wealth Dynamics system for entrepreneurs and was launched in November 2009.

It is not a passive typology: it is an active guide to steer people towards the roles where they can get into flow, are truly productive and show them how to leverage other Profiles.

Talent Dynamics delivers the proven principles of the Wealth Dynamics system to larger organisations. After all, intrapreneurship – turning ideas into profitable finished products and services through assertive risk-taking and innovation within an organisation – is the basis of nearly all really successful organisations.

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