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Roger Hamilton

About Roger Hamilton

Roger James Hamilton is a social entrepreneur, creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, founder of Phi Dynamics and co-founder of XL Nation and XL Group. Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: The power to grow our flow individually and collectively.

Roger’s Wealth Dynamics Profile Test and Wealth Spectrum Test have supported tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in over fifty countries around the world to find their flow. Over the last seven years, Roger’s speaking schedule has led to him spreading his message of social enterprise and effective wealth creation to over 200,000 entrepreneurs in 15 countries.

In 2002, Roger co-founded XL Group with Dave Rogers. The first international network dedicated to social entrepreneurship, XL has grown into an organisation hosting over 2,000 events each year, bringing social entrepreneurs together to share resources, knowledge and connections. XL is part of the United Nations Social Compact and has been recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative for the philanthropic work it has undertaken.

XL Nation was launched at the first XL National Day on 31st March 2009. Established as a global nation without borders, with its own Declaration of Interdependence and Constitution, this for-social-profit organisation is making waves as a vehicle for entrepreneurs to unite and achieve the United Nations Millennium Goals as part of the XL Vision 2020.

The focus of Roger and his teams are on finding the best ways to connect effective wealth creation and contribution, through social enterprises and between social entrepreneurs. Each of his companies is a social enterprise that operates as part of the XL SEA Programme.

Born in Hong Kong and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, Roger became an entrepreneur soon after completing his studies, experiencing many failures before achieving success. He now owns and runs businesses in publishing, property, financing, franchising, event management, resort management, training, coaching, membership and education.

Roger believes that we learn from our mistakes, and he has made plenty of them. He has made and lost millions on numerous occasions. In fact, he calculates that he lost over $130 million in mistakes in the first ten years of his entrepreneurial career. He views this education as being a lot more valuable (and expensive) than his university education.

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